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A childhood friend’s wedding brought me back home to Washington, DC last weekend.  Lucky me, I had my two main men in tow!  It was Ever’s first time to his mom’s hometown and our nation’s capital and as you can see from the photos above, he loved it!  The Natural History Museum was a highlight and strolling on the Mall.  By the way, all the museums in Washington along the Mall have free entry which is lovely.  Alas, he passed out before we got to the Capitol…

Although most of the weekend was spent with friends and family enjoying wedding festivities, Napper and I had a rowdy night out at the Fainting Goat on U St.– now U and 14th St. is a very hip and happening area vs. that area in my youth which was a war zone.  It was teeming with the young and not so young of DC.  Fainting Goat is not a culinary wonderland, but they serve good gastro pub style food and plenty of drinks in a fun and hip environment.  Apparently nearby Barcelona is the culinary gem in the neighborhood but always has long, long waits and we weren’t going to make it in with a party of 6 on a Friday night. Alas.  A nightcap with the wedding party at the bar at the Ritz Carlton Georgetown (which I never knew was there!  Delightful hidden gem with fireplaces and lots of seating!) and then in was time for bed.

Loved being home and highly recommend DC to those with our without kids– turns out it’s a very kid friendly city as well as being a hip town with a lot of cool energy these days.

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