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Aspen just makes me happy! I spent one of the best years of my life there when I was 22 and continue to welcome any opportunity to return, especially now that I have an adorable and spunky godson lighting up the Valley!

I rang in my personal new year there in March and managed to visit many old favorites and some of the new for me buzz…

Old Favorites:

Highlands bowl, hiking Smuggler, breakfast at Poppycock’s, dinner at Jimmy’s, Matsuhisa, apres at 39  degrees, Sky Hotel

New Highlights:

Dinner upstairs at Casa Tua, breakfast at Over Easy, decadent post-skiing lunch at The White House Tavern…

If you happen to be heading for closing weekend, enjoy!

I can’t wait to return for our Fall retreat at The Little Nell, October 10th -13th….Stay tuned!


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