Top photo: Jen White.  Bottom photo: Adrien Broom.

You’ve been asking and here it is!  Our inaugural fragrance, Wild Precious Life: The First, is available to you now, exclusively here.

The First is not simply a fragrance that one wears. Rather, it is a powerful layered experience that allows one’s spirit to breathe.  We created The First as a reminder that fragrance can awaken the spirit, stir the soul, and help women tap into their inner guide thereby living life to the fullest.

A shared passion for mixing essential oils inadvertently led us to the creation of this signature scent, The First. Everywhere we went, people would ask us where they could purchase it – so we decided to bottle it! A clean, velvety, musk perfume with subtle herbaceous notes of French lavender, sandalwood and juniper berry, we chose each ingredient for its homeopathic qualities: Rose Geranium calms fears and lifts energy while Honeysuckle cultivates happiness. An aromatic compilation of lifting and grounding notes anchored in treasured memories and experiences, The First connects us to ourselves and strikes an emotional chord with every woman that wears it.

We have meticulously curated an intimate and autobiographical olfactory experience in the fragrance just as we have with our retreats; we have captured salient moments from our own journey with the pure intention of helping other women embark on their own. The First is the initial first step on that path back to yourself.


Mary & Lucy

p.s. check us out in the What’s Hot section of C magazine this month!!