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my hiking ensemble: Brooks trail shoes, Lucy yoga pants, Zara striped tank top, J Crew denim shirt, Patagonia green jacket and aviator sunglasses.

Yesterday was a day of urban wilderness fun and exploration.  We drove across town to Griffith Park ready for a hike up to the Griffith Observatory, which I am embarrassed to say I had never visited in the ten years I’ve lived out here.  Leaving the car on Fern Dell Dr. near the Trails Cafe which was to be our post-hike lunching spot, we were pointed to the right trail by some urban hipsters and up we went.  This is not a true hike per se, more of a rigorous 20 minute walk but it was lovely!  A cornucopia of trees and flowers dot the park, unlike on the coastal hikes which are mostly monotonous scrub brush.  The Hollywood sign looms large in the distance.  And the Observatory beckons like the Art Deco monument it is.

After ooh-ing and aah-ing at the views and the architecture and making Napper take my picture, we tramped down to the Trails Cafe for lunch.  Although they advertise pies and baked delights, due to their baker being ill, we could not gorge ourselves on them.  We did enjoy the avocado sandwich, a grilled cheese and a chai latte.  Clearly we must return for the strawberry rhubarb pies, lavender vanilla cookies, blueberry almond cookies and chocolate oat scones!  Speedy recovery to the baker.  For us all!  xoxo

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