Just back from an incredible two weeks with my Dad in Ireland! We finally took the trip we’ve talked about taking for the last 10 years.¬† I initially questioned whether two weeks traveling with our sweet Dad would be too long for both of us, but the time flew! We adventured, explored, ate, drank and flat out LOVED Ireland!

The Takeaways:

1. The People are amazing! So genuinely warm and friendly.

2. The Air is so fresh and clean. Breathing feels like a cleanse in itself.

3. The Landscapes – we covered much of the Southern half of Ireland and even just driving was breathtaking, but the cliff walks were my favorite!

4. The Food РI was unexpectedly  blown away by how good the food was Рfrom a soup at a roadside cafe to decadent tasting dinners, everything was delicious!

Details to come!