traveling with baby

We took our first big trip with Baby Ever over Thanksgiving to celebrate our Dad’s 70th birthday on St. Bart’s in the Caribbean.  A delightful trip and something I was looking forward to and yet dreaded the three flights and time change that went along with getting there….

A few things that actually made it easy!

Register for Global Entry.  It is so worth the $100 and process to not have to wait in a Customs line again.  And for the TSA Pre-check which I guess is random when flying domestic, but I got it and could take the baby right through with help and not have to take anything out of my bag, remove shoes, etc.

We also were the first on the plane.  You are able to board early with a baby no matter the category of your ticket.  That said, if you can upgrade– even moving to the front of the coach area of the plane– do it!  We had three seats together and Aunt Lu across the aisle — we did get him his own seat and he was able to nap in the car seat, hang out in there, etc, which helped with such a long trip.

Changing him: we just did it in our seat.  The airplane bathrooms are germ cesspools and tiny so better to keep your infant out of there seems to me….

Feeding him:  I am not one of those moms who is super comfy with the public nursing.  We did manage to nurse successfully on the plane with one of those scarf type things.  Easier than bringing a bunch of bottles.

What to bring: We did bring the car seat and Snap n Go stroller (that you have to gate check which is a pain having to wait for it after you land, but easier to wheel him around airports); changing materials (bring more diapers than you think just in case); a couple extra onesies (dress baby in a onesie for easy changing and chilling); an extra shirt for you; a burp cloth; wipes; a few small toys/rattles; a pacifier — good to have them suck on the way up and down for their ears.  It was recommended we bring the crib sheet he slept on at home (unwashed) so the smell is familiar in a new place– we did that and he seemed happy.  We didn’t bring a travel crib as the hotel provided one.

Dealing with time changes: People freaked us out about this and it was no problem at all!  Just act as if– both ways.  That’s what we did and he just did his usual sleep routine both ways.

It was honestly a fantastic trip and so empowering– he was an amazing traveler.  He went everywhere with us when we were there during the days and he had a lovely French babysitter who came each night at 7pm after he was asleep to watch over him while we went out.

Can’t wait for our next adventure!!

Please share any other travel tips you all may have and feel free to ask any questions! xoxoxo

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