Sara Klevens

Dr. Sara Klevens

We have known our Ob/Gyn for years– we went to Princeton with Dr. Sara Klevens, or Klevens, as we affectionately call her.  Some people think that’s weird to have your friend be the doctor in charge of your nethers, but it is actually the best– we speak incredibly frankly and there is no question too embarrassing or out of bounds.  And we know this to be true for other friends who are patients of Dr. Klevens that don’t go back to college days– there is simply a familiarity while still professional air that allows for open and honest communication between doctor and patient.  And friend to friend.

After going through pregnancy and delivery with Klevens, Mary has a whole new love and respect for Dr. Klevens as a friend and incredible doctor.  The entire process was smooth, reassuring, informative, and nurturing all at once.  In addition to Klevens being the absolute best doctor, her nurse Monica is outstanding– supportive, knowledgeable and personable and St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica where Dr. Klevens delivers, is a sublime hospital.  It honestly felt more like a hotel than a hospital!  New and serene rooms and hallways– all rooms with large windows — request an exterior window the day you “check in,” and the nurses and staff were outstanding as well.  Kind, helpful and taught us so much while we were there.  We loved our whole experience!  Klevens was also just named one of LA’s Rising Star Ob/Gyn’s by Los Angeles Magazine….!!  We agree, although in our book her star has already risen!

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