Afro Head ginger vodkaThe Landing barGinger Fro the Landing

On our recent trip to Harbour Island I was delighted by Toby Tyler at The Landing’s new cocktail creation “The Ginger Fro!”  Moscow Mules have been my cocktail of choice for some time, but I am frequently disappointed when they are too sweet and lack a kick.  The Ginger Fro, made with Afro Head Ginger infused vodka is the perfect cocktail with it all– refreshing, not too sweet and a super ginger flavor that gives it some pow!  I even tried to recreate one upon our return by blending fresh ginger into vodka, but sadly mine paled in comparison to The Landing’s.  Practice, practice, practice!  If anyone figures out the ultimate proportions for deliciousness, please let us know!!

Ginger Fro Ingredients:

Afro Head ginger infused vodka

Ginger Beer


3 or 4 drops of Bitters


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