Tomboy Style

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Tomboy Style

Alex Malloy, Lizzie Garrett and hosts


Firestone Sisters

Above four images courtesy of Patrick McMullan.

Hot off the press, Lizzie Garrett’s popular cult classic blog Tomboy Style is now immortalized in print and available for purchase!  We were thrilled to celebrate last night in LA with Lizzie who embodies all seven of the archetypes she presents in her book: the rebel, the sophisticate, the jock, the prep, the adventuress, the girl next door and the naturalist.  Alex Malloy orchestrated a chic and fabulous book party poolside at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills where the Veuve Clicquot flowed and stylish tomboys rubbed shoulders with iconic moviestars and got autographed copies of the book.  To tomboys everywhere!  xoxo

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