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“Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.” –Native American saying

Today would have been our Grandmother Sue Sue’s 92nd birthday.  Sue Sue (pictured above with our grandfather Papa), is still an inspiration and a source of solace for both of us and on the eve of Thanksgiving, we are thinking about her and appreciating the attitude of gratitude she instilled in us. Those Southern manners and some faith, too!

She experienced incredible loss at a young age– losing her fiance, a Navy fighter pilot in a crash weeks before their wedding, and yet, a year later, she met his older brother, our grandfather, and created a full and happy life with him that included four children and countless pets– a monkey and a sheep (named Mary!) were amongst the menagerie.  Over 58 years of marriage, they lived in countless locations where Sue Sue created gorgeous and inviting homes for them—she was way ahead of her time with the flipping house phenomenon!  Giving back was a big part of their relationship– our grandfather was a pediatrician and they both volunteered their time on a WW2 medical ship called Project Hope that traveled to various countries in need (India, Sri Lanka, Jamaica).  Project Hope trained the medical staff in these areas leaving them empowered to care for their communities.

Some of the greatest lessons Sue Sue taught us were:

-The value of family and showing up

-Unconditional love

-Be kind to everyone

-An appreciation for sweets and soul food

-The desire and flair for creating a home wherever we are

-The thrill of bargain hunting– the wonders that lie in wait at TJ Maxx!

-A sip and a swallow of champagne before bed every night is a way to toast the day

We both keep gratitude journals by our beds and write three things we’re grateful for before we go to sleep.  Watching a Marie Forleo video last night, we learned that details are important to include!

Thanksgiving is a good reminder to jumpstart a daily gratitude practice.  What we appreciate appreciates.  So get appreciating what you love and want more of in your life!

Today we are especially grateful. For our ancestors, for our grandmother, for Ever who is pure joy, for our mother who is visiting, our father, the loving men in our lives, for each other, the rest of our family, our health, our friends, our job that is uplifting others, our homes, living in California, travel, for the gifts, blessings, and lessons that have happened this year, and for what is to come!





noun: gratitude

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Happy Thanksgiving!!  xoxoxo