Mandy Ingber
1. One (of the many!) things we love about you and your Yogalosophy approach is that it’s an inside/outside philosophy.  What are three things you recommend doing for the “inside” that ultimately reflect on the outside?
1. Gratitude List.  Starting each day with a list of all you are grateful for reminds you how much you have. It’s magical. I use this tool often, mainly because I am constantly forgetting how amazing things are. My default is to look for what needs fixing. So the gratitude list really sets the tone for a happy mindset. As they say, happiness is 40% intentional action.
2. Meditation. Even 15 minutes a day of consistent mindful breathing will begin to build that meditation muscle. I can get very mental, and get really into my thinking. Creating space and breathing allows room for the Universe to come on in. It also has physiological effects that calm the nervous system and make you healthier, clearer, and more open.
3.Observe your thinking. At first you may notice negativity. But noticing is the first step. It doesn’t do us much good to pretend we aren’t being negative and just gloss over it with a smile. When you start to notice the thinking, there is an awareness, and then you have choices. So you can choose to spin a negative and frame it in a new, more positive way. When I am a few pounds heavier than normal, I used to say: “I feel heavy.” Now I like to say: “I am curvy and feminine.”
2.  Everyone is obsessed with how fabulous yet down to earth your client and pal Jennifer Aniston is.  When you guys work out, is it always the same routine?  Does she have areas she likes to focus on?
She is fabulous and down to earth. We do several different things. Vinyasa flow yoga, cardio, and of course Yogalosophy. We use the toners to target legs, butt, and abs. Just like all of us fabulous women. Firm yet feminine. We generally do some combination of all of that.
3.  You are such a globetrotter as well as a fitness/lifestyle guru!  Where are some of your favorite places to escape to?  (hotels, restaurants, etc)
Wow. Well. I went to Ibiza last Summer and that was a real escape. I even went dancing at Pacha! That was a blast. I’ve been to Abu Dhabi and India. I think the hotel where we made a pitstop (my boyfriend, Stan and I) at the Lila Hotel. This was after being on an ashram. Feast and famine.  I love beaches, like Kauai and Harbor Island. I even stayed at your idol, India Hicks’ rental. I love love the Greenwich Hotel in NYC, and the c/o The Maidstone in the Hamptons. Wow. I really am a jet-setter. But nothing beats my home town Los Angeles. Nobu in Malibu. Cafe Gratitude in Hollywood or Venice for $14 smoothies. I also secretly love the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica.I love a good hotel. I am actually doing a few classes at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami. I stayed there the first time while Jen was doing Marley & Me…so I kind of fell in love with it. That was the week I decided I was going to stop working at a studio and go on my own. A big move! I plan on traveling a lot this Summer on my tour. Doing a wellness retreat with you in Palm Springs and in Cabo with Inspirato.
4.  We’re all about being fit and healthy but do love to indulge in cocktails and wine!  What are your thoughts on what to order– obviously sugary cocktails are not ideal.  But is red wine really better for you than white?  Wine better than the hard stuff, etc?  Thoughts?
Hmmm. I think I should reserve the right to remain silent on this one.
5.  For the average woman, how many times a week and for how long do you recommend working out?
I recommend committing to whatever you can do consistently. So 30 minutes every day is better than a 3-hour workout every other week. Consistency is the key. I used to over exercise when I was younger, and as I have matured I realize that moderation really is the key. I don’t have to do much to maintain. Plus I allow myself a little indulgence daily. Like today it was John Kelly dark chocolate. When I want a healthy but tasty treat I grab a bar like KIND. They have a salty dark chocolate and nuts that is divine.
6.  You always look fantastic.  Any beauty or fashion tips you care to share?
Well….when you travel, choose a color palate. I need to have that type of simplicity. Even my workout clothes stay with that plan. Then I cant make too many wrong moves. For my body type, I love clothes that fit my body, but that are stretchy material. I’m petite and busty. Hiding my body only makes me look like I may be heavy. When I show my curves, I feel great. Plus, let’s face it…I’m mostly in lycra (or luon). What else? Coconut oil for everything. My sister swears by oil pulling: swishing coconut oil for an hour each day and then spitting it out. Great for the skin, digestion…everything. Jennifer Meyer Jewelry is my favorite. She has been a client and a dear friend, but I treasure her pieces, because I can have an active lifestyle and never take it off. I have also recently acquired a navratri that is a configuration of jewels on a ring that is supposed to neutralize all of the astrological influences. But that’s another story. Oh. Sleep and being happy. Just smiling. Even if you aren’t happy. Just smile. It changes everything.
Mandy Ingber is a celebrity fitness expert, author of  Yogalosophy: 28-days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover (Seal Press) due out May 2013. Her 18 years of experience have attracted clients like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, Brooke Shields, and Helen Hunt. She is a keynote speaker, spokesperson and wellness blogger for and E! Visit Mandy on her website or follow her on Twitter @msmandyingber or Facebook Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy.