A convergence of travel plans brought me back to my old stomping grounds for a night and with it a flood of memories – swimming in the Woody Woo fountain, ridiculous costumes and outfits worn to the street, sprinting to turn in my thesis.  Walking the Princeton campus – through Blair Arch, Rockefeller Courtyard, down to the rink, and into TI made me reminiscent for an important time in a such special place and so grateful for the amazing friendships that continue today. Particularly beautiful in the Fall, I couldn’t help feel a twinge of envy for the undergrads bustling to class, practice, and the street – oh back to school!

While Nassau Street now has a Lululemon and J Crew, my favorite spots for eating and drinking are still going strong.  Olive’s, Teresa’s and The Alchemist & Barrister never disappoint!