Last weekend I accompanied Mary to some of the larger, less expensive chain stores to help her find things to accommodate her growing baby bump.  I also found some inexpensive treasures for myself!!

Zara dress, $89

Gap Two Tone Canvas & Leather bag: $49.95

Vanessa Mooney priestess necklace

H&M Fitted Blazer, $34.95

Steve Madden sandals

Steve Madden Vakay sandals, $29.95

Madewell anchor shirt

Madewell shrunken boyshirt in mini-anchor, $69.95

Madewell red dress

Madewell Odette dress, $155

Madewell Hepcat sunglasses

Madewell Hepcat Sunglasses, $55

And one splurge…… on neutral and comfortable sandals to where all through the summer.

Ancient Greek sandals

Ancient Greek sandals, $185

Happy Spring!!

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