Traveling as much as we do is a delight and exciting yet finding time to exercise can be hard.  And we have grown to love and depend on yoga for not just working the food and booze off and out, but for our mental sanity as well!  While exploring new yoga studios can be exciting, sometimes we’re places where there are no yoga studios to be found or the times don’t work out, etc.  THANKFULLY for our asses and our emotional balance there is Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy DVD!

Mandy Ingber

Mandy is one of the most famous yoga teachers in the world as Jennifer Aniston attributes discovering yoga to Mandy (and getting her toned tush as a result).  And Mandy herself is quite a little package– tiny and perfectly toned, Mandy tells it like it is, can laugh at herself and with you, and is wise beyond her years.  She is supportive while pushing you all at once.

That’s why her Yogalosophy DVD is a new staple in our suitcases as well as a regular in our workout routines at home.  There are two 30 minute segments, if that’s all you have time for, but the 55 minute “fully loaded” workout whizzes by and at the end of it you’re left feeling pleasantly tired, relaxed, open and like you just hung out with a friend for the last hour.  And the next day, guess what?  Sore in all the right spots!!  We will have asses like Jenny A!  We will have asses like Jenny A!!


Stay tuned as Mandy is releasing her first book next Spring — we will be at the front of the line for an autographed copy.

For Mandy’s top five tips for staying fit and healthy while traveling, click here for the article she wrote just for us!

Mandy Ingber

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