Lulu PowersLulu Powers

So we’ve had Lulu Powers thrust high upon a pedestal since we laid our hands on her vibrant and inspiring coffee table book, Lulu Powers: Food to Flowers.  At the time we were working on our own book (stay tuned…) and literally everything out of our mouths was, “Well, you know how Lulu does it in her book,” or, “Love the colors Lulu used there,” and so on, you get it.  When we wound up meeting Lulu at an intimate women’s dinner, it was as if we were meeting Madonna.  Who Lulu was a private chef for, by the way.

And the good news is she has lived up to it all!!  Recently we had dinner just the three of us, and Lulu’s handsome hounds, at Chez Lulu.  Which is an enchanted oasis with candles and art and fantastic wallpaper and velvet covered chairs (“Ikea velvet drapes,” quipped Lulu)…  Pink champagne and cheese as we wandered about the house and gardens and then the best meatball sandwiches followed by Eton mess for dessert that Lulu whipped up in moments.  It was truly a magical night!  Check out Lulu’s blog and website with lots of her fabulous recipes and inspiration….  We’ve sort of adopted Lulu as a Firestone Sister.  Hope she’ll have us. xx


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