New Wine Bar, VeniceNew Wine Bar Abbot KinneySouth End, Cappuccino Venice

Yay!  Mozza Chef Frank Fermin and Mario Vollera of Piccolo and Barbershop have graced Venice with a new wine bar and “European” Cafe.  While the address is listed as 2805 Abbot Kinney, in actuality the entrance to South End is on Washington Blvd, and it is the one glowing ambient pearl in the strip mall that houses Johnnie’s Pizza and Wacky Wok at the Southern tip of Abbot Kinney.

But don’t let the strip mall scare you away, once you are inside this cozy spot – appropriately and simply decorated with floor to ceiling shelves showcasing their bottled offerings, as well as a larger than life black and white mural of a stylish mystery woman.  She coolly gazes over the refinished and polished wood that is everything else in this small space. Take a seat at the communal L-shaped table or on one of the stools at the bar and choose which delicious, thin crusted “rustic pie,” to order.  A couple simple salads and a selection of  cheeses and meats are also available.

With the opening of South End, Venice adds another gem to it’s line-up.  The slightly random location will hopefully work to it’s benefit as many Venice locals are tired of not being able to get into the existing hot spots on the hotter stretch of AK.  South End also takes reservations and it opens at 8am if you are after a morning cappuccino and Italian pastry and an easy place to park.

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