Ivy at the Shore

Our cousin Lisa introduced us to the Ivy at the Shore a looong time ago.  Before we were of legal drinking age to enjoy their signature cocktail, the Ivy Gimlet.  Now that we’re over 21, the old classic and cheery haunt on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica is an idyllic spot for a sundowner.  And often the bar area is uncrowded so securing a seat in a rattan chair bedecked in tropical floral print is a breeze.

We walked down memory lane the other night over cocktails with a friend from college.  Meghan seems to know everyone and by the time we were just halfway through with our Gimlets, a group of six more had joined us.  An unexpectedly fun night emerged from there– not bad for a Tuesday!  It seems whenever the night kicks off with a Gimlet, giddiness and amusing adventures follow…

Stop by the Ivy or create your own adventure at home:

The Ivy Gimlet


lemon juice, 1/2 oz

lime juice, 1/2 oz

simple syrup, 1 oz (or 1 Tb sugar)

mint leaves, whole

a handful of crushed ice

vodka, 2 oz


In a low ball glass, combine the lemon and lime juices, and simple syrup.

Add the mint leaves and muddle.

Fill glass with crushed ice.

Add vodka.

Stir and if desired, add mint garnish.

Cheers!! xoxo

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