Within the span of a month, I spent two weekends at bachelorette parties in one of my absolute favorite places, the Santa Ynez Valley, which never disappoints. Not only is it always stunningly beautiful, but something in the air orchestrates slowing down, breathing deeper AND kicking up your boots!

I corralled the ladies to many of the old favorites, but we also stumbled upon some delightful new discoveries:

Curtis, is the family favorite winery because it is indeed owned by our cousins! Sadly, Elizabeth our beloved tasting room manager has moved on, so Billy regaled us with wine knowledge on this trip.

Carhartt is another tried and true tasting room located right in the town of Los Olivos. A fun place to do afternoon tastings as they play great music, have a lovely shaded backyard patio and might have the cutest tasting room known to man.  It’s a happening spot on the weekends. Carhartt is also located right across the street from a new attraction Saarloos & Sons tasting house which is now very popular because of the Enjoy Cupcakes trailer on their property. We heard so much about these cupcakes that we had to try them and they definitely live up to the buzz.

I had never been to Brander despite liking several of their wines, and was happy to learn that it is also a lovely tasting experience.  Loved their beautiful and relaxing courtyard.  Extra delightful when a vineyard has several adorable animals and they certainly tick this box!

Can’t miss The Maverick Saloon, especially on a bachelorette weekend! Both bachelorettes got to experience this authentic cowboy bar where it is tradition to leave a signed dollar bill on the ceiling.

Trattoria Grappolo turned out to be the perfect spot for a party of 11 people.  We took over the wine room where we could be as loud as we desired and the restaurant even surprised our bachelorette with a large, “appropriately shaped,” chocolate desert and two scoops of ice cream…

Heather & Pepper thank you for being such fun and open bachelorettes! Cheers to the upcoming weddings. xoxo