I like tea. I’m usually a morning coffee drinker, but often opt for an afternoon Earl Grey or English breakfast tea with a little milk.  However, as I’ve gotten more health conscious I’ve tried to persuade myself to drink more green tea and have been curious about the various benefits of drinking different kinds of teas. Enter Capital Teas….

I met owners Manelle and Peter Martino at a wedding at the end of the summer and was excited to visit their adorable flagship store when I was in Annapolis. Tea is a family tradition for Manelle, which started with her great-great-grandfather who managed a well known tea estate in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).  Five generations later, Capital Teas offers over 100 kinds of loose teas sourced from the finest tea growing countries – India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, South Africa, and Kenya.  One of my favorite things about Capital Teas is the page on their website that tells you about all the health benefits associated with drinking tea. Apparently drinking tea helps to delay Alzheimer’s, helps fight bad breath, and oolong helps with weight loss – just a few fun facts. Get reading! Teas can be purchased on the website www.capitalteas.com an shipped, or visit their store in Annapolis.

Capital Teas

6 Cornhill Street

Annapolis, MD 21401

(410) 926-9109