Back from our Wild Precious Life Retreat in Aspen!

By |October 16th, 2014|RETREATS|

We are just back from an incredible Wild Precious Life retreat in Aspen with an exceptional group of women!  We will be sharing some details, tips and tools in the days to follow-- stay tuned.  And yes!  It snowed! Keep up with us on Facebook!  Like us here. xoxo


By |October 10th, 2014|RETREATS, TRAVEL|

Getting things all ready for our Wild Precious Life Retreat that kicks off this eve in Aspen!  Wish you were here?  Join us on our next adventure.  Aspen retreatees can't wait to see you all this evening at the Little Nell! Keep up with us on Facebook!  Like us here. xoxo

5 Ways To Tap Into Your Intuition by Gianna de la Torre

By |August 6th, 2014|MIND & BODY, RETREATS|

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we all have the ability to be intuitive. I witness it every single day with my patients, friends and family. Your intuition is a core part of yourself, not a foreign sixth sense saved for oracles and mystics.  I think of intuition as a muscle.  If ...


Our ASPEN Retreat is open for business!

By |August 4th, 2014|RETREATS, TRAVEL|

We would love to invite all of our (female!) readers to our Fall Retreat at the Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado this October!  Fall is the season to harness and harvest the abundance of Summer by seeing projects through to completion and organizing to celebrate the year's end.  With the falling leaves it is also ...


The Ojai Retreat Round Up!

By |July 28th, 2014|RETREATS, TRAVEL|

We are still basking in the radiance that was created and stoked last week on our Wild Precious Life Retreat at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa!  Joined by nine incredible women, we were a group of 13 with our two leaders Naada and Gianna.  This felt lucky indeed as we were both born on ...


The Ojai Retreat Gift Bag!

By |July 24th, 2014|RETREATS|

We were delighted to bestow gift bags full of treasures upon our retreatees this week at our Wild Precious Life Retreat at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa!  Here's what was in the bag... Beyond Yoga bags, headbands and 25% off code Beautycounter skincare samples Sugar Paper journals SkinAgain Youth Anti-Aging cream Westmorlands handcrafted popcorn ...


Retreating in Ojai!

By |July 21st, 2014|RETREATS, TRAVEL|

And so it begins... Our Wild Precious Life retreat at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa! The Summer Day by Mary Oliver Who made the world? Who made the swan, and the black bear? Who made the grasshopper? This grasshopper, I mean-- the one who has flung herself out of the grass, the one who ...


What to Pack for a Retreat at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa!

By |July 14th, 2014|RETREATS, TRAVEL|

Big Star Alex cutoffs in white, $76;  Madewell Lapis Amulet necklace, $58, Calypso St. Barth tank, $99; Biltmore panama hat, $58; palo santo bark; Mara Hoffman Jungle trip bikini, $230; the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa; Bamboula straw bag, $78; Madewell beaded bracelet, $9.50; do Terra Wild Orange essential oil, $11.55; Loeffler Randall Starla sandals, ...


Summer Celebration Retreat in Ojai!

By |May 13th, 2014|RETREATS|

We would love to invite all of our (female!) readers to our next Wild Precious Life Retreat at the glorious Ojai Valley Inn and Spa.  Join us for a delightful and well rounded day and night of reveling and relaxing in your physical, energetic, soulful and emotional self! Access and emerge into limitless happiness and ...


GIVEAWAY Winner Announced!

By |March 21st, 2014|RETREATS|

And the winner is...  Jenny Chiu! Thanks to all of you dazzling women who entered our Giveaway contest for one spot on our upcoming retreat to the luxurious El Encanto in Santa Barbara.  We were so moved by the compelling honesty and self awareness you all shared.  We would have loved to have given you ...