The Ivy Gimlet! A classic cocktail in a chic and cheery setting that always delights….

By |October 17th, 2013|UNCATEGORIZED|

Our cousin Lisa introduced us to the Ivy at the Shore a looong time ago.  Before we were of legal drinking age to enjoy their signature cocktail, the Ivy Gimlet.  Now that we're over 21, the old classic and cheery haunt on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica is an idyllic spot for a sundowner.  And ...


Be Ireland: DUBLIN! A Travel Diary: Where to Dine, Drink and What to See

By |October 14th, 2013|UNCATEGORIZED|

I loved Dublin and found it to be such a clean, friendly city that felt like a more manageable, easier to navigate London. Day # 1: We arrived bleary after a red-eye and before checking into our beloved Merrion Hotel decided on breakfast at The Shelbourne which gets a lot of buzz for its location ...


Placenta Encapsulation. AKA eating your placenta….!

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If the title of this post made you gag, you're not alone!  Lying on my good friend and acupuncturist, Gianna's table weeks before giving birth, I asked her if there were things I could do to be sure I recovered well and avoid the massive hormonal mood swings that can rule the post partum period.  ...


Be Ireland: THE MERRION HOTEL in Dublin, Ireland

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On my recent Dad/Daughter Bonding Trip to Ireland, we were thrilled to call The Merrion “home” during our three-night stay in Dublin.  The hotel is ideally located and friendly-elegant sophistication at its finest. The charm of the hotel is that it is respectfully modest about just how grand it truly is. From the outside, it ...


Luxe leather with a hint of rockstar– SIX 1 FIVE

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The sublime and luscious and also incredibly necessary (!) update to a Fall/Winter wardrobe is a fabulous leather piece.  Be it a bag, a vest, pants or even a very of the moment stylish sweatshirt with leather sleeves.  We updated the other night at a fantastic evening celebrating women entrepreneurs at our friend Kimi's glorious ...


South End! A new wine bar and pizza spot a little farther down Abbot Kinney in Venice…

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Yay!  Mozza Chef Frank Fermin and Mario Vollera of Piccolo and Barbershop have graced Venice with a new wine bar and "European" Cafe.  While the address is listed as 2805 Abbot Kinney, in actuality the entrance to South End is on Washington Blvd, and it is the one glowing ambient pearl in the strip mall ...


Monogram it!

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Mark and Graham; LL Bean;  J Crew; Clare Vivier; and stationary found on Etsy. Loving the chic element of adding a monogram to just about everything.  From tote bags to clutches to sheets to stationary to sweaters and sweats!  Mark and Graham is a company new to us that offers luxe looking leather goods as ...


DC at Night!

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The love affair with rediscovering DC continues as I am happily in awe of all the hip haunts that have tastefully sprung up in our home town... The Red Hen I had never been to the historic neighborhood of Bloomingdale, which even in evening traffic was only about a 15 minute drive down U Street ...


Two months!!

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Loving being two months old!  And already a flirt with the ladies-- all over his first new friend, Beatrice Faxon.  You guys getting tired of the baby posts compliments of moi?  At just two months in, it is still very much Baby Season for me!  There is a lot to figure out and a lot ...


Be Ireland: Teaser and Takeaways From a Father-Daughter Trip to Ireland

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Just back from an incredible two weeks with my Dad in Ireland! We finally took the trip we've talked about taking for the last 10 years.  I initially questioned whether two weeks traveling with our sweet Dad would be too long for both of us, but the time flew! We adventured, explored, ate, drank and ...