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top three, the Ace rooftop; bottom three, Faith & Flower

Last weekend we fled the crowds and traffic at the beach and headed Downtown.  We sailed down in 20 minutes– so much easier to get Downtown than to Hollywood, we often forget (if you are not going on a weekday between 3-8pm!).  Having not yet graced the Ace Hotel’s rooftop, it was such a balmy night and we wanted to be outside so up we went.  A glorious old deco building with sexy seating areas that take advantage of the rooftop views (the Eastern building included!) along the perimeter, or frame a fireplace fringed with olive trees in the center.  The pool is in its own area on the other side of the bar.  We opted for the non-pool side as there were some drunk skunks in various stages of costume appearing as if they had just left a Japanese anime convention sodden from too much booze and chlorine “relaxing” poolside. We tried the El Toro Verde, a tequila based cocktail that was perfection- not too sweet, not too boozy tasting.

After drinks, we walked a few blocks to the newly opened Faith & Flower.  A magnificent space with an even better menu.  Chef Michael Hung has some serious French cooking in his background yet his dishes reflect global twists.  We literally tried almost everything and there wasn’t a dud.  Much regaled and for good reason, you can’t skip the Carnitas Pizza.  Jared, the sommelier, is charming and fun– have him steer you to something different that will inevitably be your new favorite wine.

After a few hours downtown, we felt like we had been in a whole other city.  One of our favorite things about LA, so many moods all in one city.  Happy weekend!  Go explore!

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