Screenshot 2014-11-03 09.07.30 Screenshot 2014-11-03 09.16.02 Screenshot 2014-11-03 09.16.38

Oh how different our Halloween weekends were!  Mary’s toes bedecked in the steely gray “The Perfect Cover Up” recovered from Ever’s 5:20 AM wake up call yesterday (poor chap didn’t know Daylight Savings time had happened!), while Lucy’s toes clad in navy “Style Cartel,” took a dip at the MGM Grand pool in Vegas after a night of dancing and partying….

Next up, we will be lightening up with the perfect red “Dressed to Kilt” or the chic army green, “Fall in Line.”  Maybe we’ll do one of each to beckon the Christmas season. Ha!

Thanks to Essie for being fabulous and for being one of our gift bag sponsors for our latest and greatest Aspen retreat!  Our nails thank you. xoxo

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