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According to our most trusted astrological resources Mystic Mamma and Power Path , today’s first full moon of 2015 is all about ACTIVATION! This first week of the new year is a time that many of us are getting clear on our intentions and shifts we would like to make in our lives. This full moon in Cancer supports us initiating big changes, so take some time for yourself to start making your dreams your reality. The flip side of this full moon, is that deep-seated emotions are coming to the surface to be released and we are all getting tested. We personally are experiencing this first hand as Mary’s house was just robbed and we are navigating travel mishaps. All exercises in letting go?

We will heed Lena Stevens words of wisdom:

“If you find yourself in anger or argument, shift towards a neutral discussion. If you find yourself irritated or impatient, move that feeling towards acceptance and just “let it go”.  If you find yourself lethargic or depressed or strangely emotional, move toward gratitude and anything that raises your frequency.

This is a perfect full moon to activate something new, something big, something prosperous and something you desire for yourself. Pick an intention and ask to receive the right ingredients that will activate this new and fabulous dream. Spend the day in a way that is meaningful to you in the bigger picture even if you have to compromise someone else’s wishes in the process.

Because the day is so potent energetically, it would be best to limit external chaos and unnecessary activity as much as you can.”

Here’s to all the greatness this full moon will activate!  And we’re off. xoxox