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Last weekend we loaded up Baby Ever for the 45 minute drive to Pasadena and the Huntington Gardens for botanical wonders and a delicious lunch.  Pasadena itself is lovely with plenty of eye candy in terms of gorgeous old mansions as you wind your way through neighborhoods to the front gates of the Huntington Gardens.  Adults must purchase tickets which are not inexpensive at $23/each.  And yet so worth it we thought.

Our first stop was the Rose Cafe where we ordered sandwiches and sangria from the outdoor grill and ate lunch at a table in the shade.  We then wandered the glorious gardens with sangria in hand before looping up to drift through the art galleries and tropical botany building.  It was a perfect outing with the little man and I’d recommend it to those with bigger kids as well– so much room to run around!  And even if you don’t have kids, it is romantic and inspiring.

Four other great spots we’ve found for lunch/activity with Baby Ever:

1. Axe in Venice

The back garden is great period, but easy to wheel the stroller in and it’s uncrowded and relatively quiet.  Love their nine grain pancake and the Bowls!  After brunch/lunch, stroll Abbot Kinney and browse boutiques and galleries.

2. Trails Cafe in Griffith Park

Stroll up and around the Observatory before or after a tasty lunch at Trails Cafe.

3.  Ray at LACMA

Take your peanut for some culture at LACMA and follow it up with lunch at Ray’s outside.

4. Ammo at the Hammer Museum

For even more culture, head to the Hammer in Westwood.  The museum is free which is nice.  Ammo is a bit fancy, but the food is delicious and there is lots of seating outside in the courtyard.  We went on a rainy day and sat indoors so it was a little crowded and we definitely got some stink eye from a table of art marms and our guy didn’t even make a peep.  We strolled up the block after wandering the galleries to Profeta, the cutest little coffee shop that looks like it could be in the English countryside, for tea lattes and an absurdly good strawberry scone.

Would love other suggestions for baby friendly spot to go with the little man!

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