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Enduring the torture of air travel with a one year old was worth it!! 

Ever is 14 months old today!  How time flies.  And how time can tick by while on a 6 hour flight home to LA from NYC… that winds up getting delayed first in the airport and then the old fave– when you sit on the runway for an additional one hour before you even take off for your 6 hour flight.  All of these delays were annoying and inconvenient pre-baby but flying with the little guy and these mishaps arise…  Mild torture.

Ever has flown a lot in his short life- lucky man has been quite spoiled with trips to St. Barth’s (impossible to get to from LA) and France (11 hour flight!), I know you all think we are crazy.  And maybe we are but the hours that pass slower than any other hours known to man on that confined, cramped smelly plane are quite worth it to be in these incredible places with the most incredible person Napper and I know. And yet, how to pass that time on the plane?

Now that Ever is highly mobile and super engaged with the world, I packed lots and lots of different snacks for him (Goldfish, blueberries in a mini-Tupperware, a banana, hummus, shredded chicken in a ziploc, a bottle of milk (you can replenish in flight), a few of his fave books, a fabric activity book that keeps him busy for hours – similar here, and we did also employ the in flight cartoons which sadly only held his interest for 10 minute stretches twice.  Ever is a champ napper and sleeper but not very, very unfortunately on this cross country adventure…  we only got a 45 minute snooze out of him.  Napper and I also took turns keeping him engaged while the other could refill the patience tank while watching an enriching program such as Zac Efron’s latest hit, “Neighbors.”

Anyway, we made it. And although we swore we wouldn’t do another long flight with him anytime soon while drinking a complimentary (the flight attendant’s took pity on us) glass of wine too fast so it didn’t get spilled by curious small hands, I am sure this family will take to the skies again before too long.  SO, please share your traveling with children tips!!

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