Cancer Full Moon

Happy new year!  It’s crazy that we are already two weeks into 2014! It has been a fast and furious start to the year for me and I am happy to now have a moment to be home in LA to really think through my goals and intentions for the next 12 months.

My settling down today interestingly coincides with the full moon in Cancer.  What does that mean?  Well, I am certainly not an astrology expert, simply an astro-afficiando.  One of my favorite sites on the subject is Mystic Mamma, which pools together insights from several astrologists in addition to sharing many pearls of wisdom. And here are my takeaways on this full moon:

Full moons “stir it up” and bring the patterns that are working in our lives to a head.  This full moon which is in Cancer, the most emotional sign, promises to be very emotional and bring up old patterns learned when we were young. However, with the help of Saturn and Uranus (don’t ask me how), there is a unique opportunity with this full moon to stay grounded, recognize our old patterns and release what no longer works for us.  This full moon encourages us to take a moment to “feel” through what is at the root of our emotions so that we can figure out a better way forward.

Taking time today to contemplate what I want to create this year, it is a good reminder to really “go there,” and set intentions that come from a deeper place than my overactive brain!  What will you imagine and create for your year?  Excited to see how 2014 unfolds!

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