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Yep, it finally happened, my first Phish show…. Somehow I missed my moment to see them live in high school, but managed to make up for it many, many years later last Saturday night on Randall’s Island.  Thankfully I had a couple of “professional” coaches (modern day Dead Heads in chic disguise?) to ensure that the experience was nothing short of awesome. Huge thanks to one said coach, Daria Maneche – a professional stylist in addition to being a professional Phish enthusiast – for vetoing my sandals and steering me towards boots.  My feet would have been bruised and battered and my dancing severely hindered…(consult the piece Daria wrote for us on music festival style).

I knew I was open to having fun and exploring my more flower child side, but didn’t think I would necessarily get “into” it.  Wrong, I was! Maybe it was the convergence of a gorgeous summer night on Randall’s Island across the East River from Manhattan, the super moon, space to dance outside, friendly crowd, good music, a lot of drinks…it was frankly so freeing and fun to bounce (cue “Bouncing Around the Room,” which alas they did not play) around on a perfect, balmy night under the magical Capricorn Full Moon.

I had a flash of what it might be like to live on commune when the sweetest girl, a total stranger, gently interrupted my frolicking to hand me a purple bracelet. A keepsake from a free spirited night of festive fun!  Bounce on.

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