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Tonight there is a full moon in Capricorn which means that issues from our past will be illuminated while also nudging us to change things that haven’t worked in the past or have hurt us.  This particular super moon is all about balancing the masculine energy of Capricorn (our career/work selves) and the feminine energy of Cancer (our nurturing/home life selves).  This really speaks to me as being a relatively new mother, I have been working hard to find this balance and have it feel good…  And so it continues!  Having a better schedule and being more punctual are two things I will be doing to eliminate past annoyances with myself and others.

MysticMamma gives the full download here.  I particularly like this snippet by Kelley Rosano on MysticMamma’s site:

“The Full Moon in Capricorn empowers you to be your own authority. You are the authority of your life. Own your power. Do not give it away to others, the job, and so on. You want to empower yourself. Recognize your limitations and use them as your ally. Your limitations then become your strength.”
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Happy full super moon!!  Own that power. xx

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