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Yesterday was 2015’s first Supermoon.  Supermoon energy is potent and is a time for getting clear, releasing old patterns of self sabotage and fearlessly creating the year we desire. Take advantage of this powerful energy to make your vision for 2015 a reality.

We love our good friend, Aiden Chase‘s “TEN INTENTIONS TO HOLD IN YOUR HEART FOR THE NEW YEAR.”  We’ve made it a nightly ritual and are feeling the benefits. See below and thank you, Aiden!

Before I go to bed I will end my day with gratitude and set these intentions:

1. I allow my infinite wisdom to emerge from within.
2. I choose the positive and release the negative.
3. I will love and accept myself exactly as I am.
4. I will start each day filled with love and enthusiasm.
5. I choose to be kind to myself and others.
6. I shall attract loving, beautiful people into my life.
7. I will create peace in my life and in the world.
8. I will know it is safe to share my true self and nature.
9. I will release all resentments and grievances.
10. I am infinitely happy, healthy, wealthy, loved & protected!

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