Arusha Safari LodgeOn my recent trip to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (!!), the Arusha Safari Lodge quickly became our much appreciated home away from home.  Located just 2.5 miles outside the the bustling city of Arusha – Tanzania’s largest city for tourism – it was the perfect, peaceful and secluded “Out of Africa” inspired property for us to stay at the night before we began our climb, and then return to exhausted and ready for showers after seven days of intense climbing and sleeping in tents.

The grounds are lush and dripping with bougainvillea. The “lodge” consists of seven spacious cottages, two guest rooms in the main house, a comfortable indoor living room with a fire place, an outdoor seating area with my favorite – an outdoor fireplace, and a picturesque, tented outdoor bar.  Loved the old school red clay tennis court which we didn’t get to put to use sadly, as we didn’t have our whites or racquets…  or frankly the energy after seven days of hoofing it! Charming is the word that most accurately describes this property that feels elegantly old, but has been lovingly restored with modern touches.

The food was also incredible.  We relished the delicious four course dinners served by a warm and friendly staff.  And we were especially delighted by a local African animal on property– Amarilla, the friendly house cat!

The Arusha Safari Lodge was the perfect pre-climb send off and we literally fantasized about getting back to this oasis when were cold, tired, and hungry on the climb!

A whole lot more to come on the climb, the Tanzanian people and incredible wildlife….   xox

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