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Just before Valentine’s Day and Mary’s birthday, we had a fabulous night in San Francisco, just the two of us!  A long overdue sister bonding trip.  Our home for the evening was the luxurious and historic Fairmont San Francisco atop Nob Hill.

Arriving at the grand hotel on a picturesque square, we were delighted!  Our delight continued as we entered the lobby which is reminiscent of a bygone opulent era.  And then we went to our room and had to jump on beds because the views were so outstanding!  And the beds so fluffy.

Although the Fairmont San Francisco has 591 guest rooms, it still feels intimate and special.  Perhaps this is in part due to it’s history– construction began in 1902 by the Fair sisters who sold it just before the earthquake of 1906.  The Fairmont was one of the only buildings left standing following the earthquake although it required extensive renovation and repairs which were carried out by none other than Julia Morgan, the preeminent female architect of her time!  The hotel opened for business a year after the earthquake.  That is a long time ago!!  Over 100 years.

The Tonga Room, a Trader Vic’s like restaurant and bar set around an indoor pool, is also a big draw and as it was closed the night we were there, we will certainly be heading back up that way for a night of tiki torches, rum drinks and Pacific Rim cuisine!

Thank you to the Fairmont for a much needed night of decadence and fun for these two sisters!  Can’t wait to bring a Wild Precious Life Retreat to the grand hotel. xox