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The holidays are an intense time of year! We are grateful for the people in our lives that remind us to stay grounded and calm, and therefore actually ENJOY the season.  Here are 4 tips from one of our most trusted and loved friends and healers, Gianna De La Torre!

“If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.” – Ram Dass

Even if you’re currently basking in the glow of your personal growth you’ve accomplished this past year, your trip home for the holidays (or even to the mall) might have you reverting back in time.

This is an invitation to be intentional this time of year instead of getting caught up in its whirlwind.

Follow these 4 steps to keep centered and grounded this holiday season:

1. Put your bubble on!  — First thing in the morning take a moment for yourself.  Close your eyes and breathe.  As you breathe, feel your entire body expand and contract.  Visualize yourself surrounded by a bubble of light.  Recognize that what happens in the outside world doesn’t have anything to do with you.  Use the mantra: “What is mine is mine, what is yours is yours.”  You can either get swept away in other people’s stress/drama, or you can choose to stay in your own space.  This is particularly important with those that we care about the most.

 2. Insert healthy options.  — It’s expected that you’ll overindulge during the holidays.  But what if you enjoyed the holiday foods you love without grabbing a sugar cookie every time you walk by them?  Start the day with a green juice or a bowl of fruit.  If you eat smaller/healthier options for routine meals, then you can afford to enjoy the sit down dinners you might share with friends/family.  When you physically feel vibrant, you have an ideal jumping off point for all else.

3. Take a walk. — If you are home for the holidays, you might find yourself staying in close proximity to family.   We tend to get frustrated and irritable when we need our space.  Time alone is essential to maintaining a clear mind.  If you’re feeling short, take a walk outside, or go into a quiet room for a moment.  You’ll feel better and everyone around you benefits from that.

4. Define what is most meaningful to you about the holidays.  – We live in a consumer culture that defines what the holidays are for us.  Because we cringe at the sound of Christmas music in October, or refuse to brave the mall on black Friday, doesn’t mean that we hate the holidays.  What are your favorite things about this time of year? Make time to enjoy these things.  If there is a tradition that you cannot stand, consider eliminating it.  You can take back your power on the parts of the season that resonate with you, and the ones that don’t.

Thank you, Gianna!!  Book an Acuintuit appointment with Gianna to delve deeper.  Acupuncture combined with Gianna’s incredible insightful and intuitive gift of theta healing!  Acupuncture like you’ve never had before.  xoxoxo