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We are still feeling radiant and inspired by the women who gathered for our mini Wild Precious Life retreat last Saturday afternoon!  Mally Steves of M. Steves Skincare opened up her glorious Beauty Cottage in the heart of Venice which provided the ideal sanctuary for us to tap into our intuition, as well as our internal and external glow.

Renowned intuitive and co-founder of IM (Intuitive Meditation), Jill Willard, led us in a workshop focused on how to identify and honor our intuition through meditation and discussion centered around paying attention to synchronicities and signs, removing emotion, letting go of our will (sometimes we can force things that aren’t as fantastic as what would have been), and turning down society’s noise and demands.  Jill gifted each of us one of her IM journals and an IM meditation bracelet!

Following our session with Jill, Mally shared her inspired story and led us through 5 step facials using her natural and effective products.  Literally everyone’s skin was glowing! Each retreatee left with a gift bag of her products to continue using at home.

Throughout the afternoon, our natural buzz was heightened by Vina Sympatica’s delicious sparkling wines and sangria which were the perfect compliment to Gardein’s healthy and satisfying appetizers — our favorites were the sparkling white with the crabless crab cakes!

Thank you to everyone for making it an restorative and inspiring afternoon!

Look out for our invitation to our three day fall retreat in Santa Barbara wine country going out tomorrow!! xox