I continue to be in awe of the strength, courage, honesty and profound awareness of the young people involved with InsideOut Writers. IOW is Los Angeles-based non-profit that uses the power of writing to help incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth access their truth and claim their voice. The work continues when they are released. The Alumni Program, helps our students stay out of the system by matching them with mentors and case managers, continuing the writing classes, offering life skills classes, and providing a safe and supportive community.

This video offers a snapshot of some of the lives that InsideOut has brightened.  I’m inspired by the gumption and determination of these kids to deal with and transmute their pain, anger and disappointments in a real and productive way.  Not to mention the dedication, love, and passion of the staff and teachers. Gloria Basulto, thank you for bravely and eloquently sharing your story. I frankly teared up when Gloria’s teacher and mentor, Jesse Bliss, shared how her continued work with Gloria has helped her– the teacher is also the student.  Giving back, gives back.

Thank you to a talented yahoo team for capturing a glimpse of the powerful and important work taking place at IOW.

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