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Good friend and hair guru Mary Brambila of Brambila Salon in Santa Monica, is one of my most soulful friends.  Aside from being an inspiration as a career woman- running a successful salon with ocean views in Santa Monica, Mary is always making time to center herself, ground, grow and connect other women with people to help them do the same.  Lucy and I wouldn’t have met our chic retreat guru healers Naada and Gianna if it weren’t for Mary!

So when she mentioned Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday yet again the other day, and how much she loved it and was inspired by it, I finally watched one.  The one I watched was Oprah having a heart to heart with Ali McGraw.  It was cozy, it was connected, and I quite loved hearing about Ali’s life of love, heart ache, motherhood, alcoholism, starry Hollywood-ness and then anti.

What I most loved and what has stuck with me for days, is her sharing that one way she has really honored herself and grown is through the ability to say no.  Even when you could technically say yes, but you really in your heart of hearts would rather say no.  I think as a woman and especially one who was raised by a Southern mother with good manners being non-negotiable, this idea of having to please and say yes all the time really resonated with me!  Ali elaborates it’s not about being mean, it’s just about doing– and saying– what you really want.  I am going to make a commitment to myself to practice this for October.  Only saying yes to invitations and offerings that feel awesome to say yes to.  Who wants to give it a shot with me?

If you want to delve even deeper, we have a few more spots on our Aspen retreat next weekend (October 10-13) at the Little Nell!  It’s going to be deep and it’s going to be a celebration.  Say yes!

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