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Before we left for 5 weeks on the East coast (amazing and sublime), we thought, “perfect, we will go away for 5 weeks and the kitchen of our dreams, designed by none other than close pal and neighbor Jeffrey Alan Marks , will be complete.”  Well people, as almost everyone warned, of course it wasn’t finished.  The pix above show the state of affairs a week after our return BUT the good news is that as of tonight or Tuesday latest, we will have a usable – read: appliances in, running water and electrical– kitchen!  Will be amazing to not have to live in a construction site– with a one year old, no less- and not have to eat out for every meal– again, with a one year old– not fun!!!  Check out the Before pix here.  Can’t wait to show you After pix this week!!  And to delight in my Jeffrey Alan Marks kitchen with the man himself!  Thank you, Jeffrey! xoxoxo

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