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Sometimes other plans are at work and there is nothing we can do to “control” the outcome other than accepting it as gracefully as possible. I’ve been reminded of this a couple different ways over the past couple weeks but most acutely on what I thought was going to be a much anticipated  trip to Sedona. One of my best friends and I have been talking about going to Sedona for years and I was very excited when an opportunity to check out a property I have been dying to explore presented itself.  We had it all planned out, which positive energy vortexes we would visit at what times, spa treatments, dinner reservations, etc. We were ready for our “Spiritual Odyssey” and to bask in the healing energy of Sedona….

We were enjoying every moment of our journey and road trip.  We weren’t even phased when just 45 minutes from our oasis the I-17 was at a total stand still.  We continued our dance party, conversations, snacks….  After waiting it out for two hours, bladders full, we managed to turn around and decided to abort for the night.  We landed at my Aunt Gay’s house in Scottsdale, AZ, the last place I anticipated being when we set out on our trip.  I was still determined to get to Sedona in the morning, but with the next day’s news reporting that the wild fires were 0% contained and that a red flag warning had been issued for the area, it was clear that for some reason Sedona wasn’t happening on this trip.  What did happen is that we had a lovely time in Scottsdale and still got to relax, unwind, explore a lovely property (my Aunt lives within The Sanctuary Resort), and I received the opportunity to have some honest, interesting, and enlightening conversations with my Aunt Gay, who is a very cool lady.  We can’t always manufacture what we want, but we often get something we don’t even know we need… My thwarted efforts to get to Sedona, were one small reminder to let go and let flow.  And have fun while doing it!

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