For me the last couple of weeks have felt a bit like an emotional roller coaster. On the high days, I am appreciating a slower pace, more time with my family, time for self-development and neglected projects.  I feel grateful and calm.  On the low days, I feel anxious, overwhelmed, irritable, annoyed, stressed and confined.


This uncertain time has offered me a moment to check in and figure out what I need to stay sane, especially being 6 months pregnant and having hormones that amplify everything!


This is what is helping me!



-Walks outside are my saving grace! I feel so grateful to live in Santa Barbara and am appreciating the natural beauty more than ever.


The Class by Taryn Toomey – has always been one of my favorite ways to move and it feels even more perfect right now as the combination of dancing, jumping, shaking, breathing, and meditation offer an amazing energy shift. I also love doing the 12-15 minute sessions she has for kids with Clio, it is adorable and hysterical.


Yoga with Brianna – I love the balance of Brianna’s classes. Her zoom offerings are a calming and strong way to open space within myself and release tension.


-Jumping on the trampoline with Clio – bouncing out some energy and helping her do the same.



-Daily 30-minute meeting which is laid out in May McCarthy’s Path To Wealth. It includes reading something inspirational, writing a letter, gratitude, meditation and reflection. More on this to come and thank you Amanda Lee for putting this on my radar!


SELF CARE Rituals:

-Baths with Epsom salts and lavender oil have always been one of my favorite self care moments.

Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Enzyme Peel – I’m loving this mask as it is pregnancy safe and helps with pregnancy hyperpigmentation and prevention.

-Misting myself with our fragrance Wild Precious Life, The First! We call our essential oil-based signature scent, The First, because we conceived of it as being one of the first things you do for yourself every morning as a reminder to put yourself first. Also, it has properties to uplift, calm, balance, alleviate stress, and ground. I find whatever I am needing in the moment I spray it comes through for me. These days I am also spraying myself more as our perfume is made up of oils that are antiviral and anti bacterial. It is a quick ritual I do for myself that helps me feel physically and energetically protected and inspired!

-I’ve happily rediscovered my Aiden Chase “Pure Love” spray  and giving the room a spritz is an easy two-second ritual that I find calming.

-Trying the million samples that have been sitting in a drawer – I am finding new products I like and appreciating clearing out clutter!



Talking to friends and creating new ways to spend time together. Many of my closet people live far away and this pandemic has encouraged us to zoom, house party and catch up more frequently in a new way.




I realize I am usually most comfortable keeping myself busy, being on the go and doing. Resting and slowing down can be a challenge. The timing of all of us on a global scale being forced to slow down is coming at a perfect time for me personally as I am starting to feel TIRED from being pregnant and I am learning to allow myself to give into that instead of powering through.



Lastly, I find I am most peaceful when I can acknowledge and focus on what is working verses giving my attention to everything that is out of my control! On days when I am in one of my anxious nesting furies, if I can pull back and appreciate even the smallest thing that IS working it resets me.


Sending so much love to all!