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A few weeks ago, we returned from London, one of our favorite places on earth.  London feels both exciting and comforting — we love making discoveries and also visiting with old friends, going to cozy pubs and glamming it up with nights on the town.

Some highlights from this visit with our Dad:

1. Staying in a light and bright One Fine Stay flat in Kensington.  Hotels are so off the charts expensive in London for teeny tiny rooms, so One Fine Stay is a great option for more room and a more “live like a local” experience.

2. Wandering around Notting Hill and discovering Penelope Chilvers’ quintessential brit prep chic shop.

3. A night out on the town with old friends to Annabel’s— an elegant and iconic establishment with a starlit dance floor!

4. Breakfasts at Kensington Square Kitchen on the most charming garden.

5. Checking out Mary Weatherford’s latest and greatest at the Frieze Art Fair.

6. Getting an education at the Milken Summit.

7. Cozy and delicious dinners with Dad at Launceston Place and The River Cafe.

8. Capping it all off with a Sister Excursion out to Bray (30-40 min from London) on our last night for a decadent 24 hours of feasting on the most delicious fish n chips at The Crown, followed by a Michelin starred dinner at the Waterside Inn (request drinks or dinner or breakfast- or all three!) in one of the cozy and stylish gazebos.  We were totally charmed by this 16 century foodie village!  We spent the night at the Inn and following the included tres French breakfast in the riverside gazebo, arrived at Heathrow in just 20 minutes.

Til we meet again, London!  xoxo