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Look #1: on Mary (left), Kahlo black leather zip vest, $368. Linda Farrow x Matthew Williamson sunglasses, $238. See by Chloe nude heels, $176. Unearthen 18k gold studs, $124.  Her own jeans.  On Lucy (right), H. Fredriksson black silk Hiro dress, $198. Riudavet’s olive green leather sandals, $92. Linda Farrow x Philip Lim sunglasses, $238.  Zubi Bailen clutch, $102.

Riudavet white and green leather sandals, $92.

Zubi Bailen clutches, $102 each.

Look #2: on Mary (left), Morgan Carper Kali dress, $265. Morgan Carper Kali short dress, $208. Our own shoes.

Rodebjer Gus leather sneakers, $338.

Look #3: on Mary (left), Tome black sateen karate pant, $474. Morgan Carper sleeveless top, $130.  On Lucy (right), Veda Beverly dress, $520. 

We had a blast being styled by the talented and super cool Loriann Smoak of Condor.  Condor was one of our favorite boutiques in NYC’s Nolita and we were delighted to be reunited with Loriann through mutual friends in LA!  There are some divine designs to be had on Condor’s website, some of which we model above…  like you do.  Feel like fashion bloggers!

Everything on the Condor site is on SALE and you, our lovely readers, get an additional percentage off when you enter the VIP code FIRESTONE at checkout.  Hurry as the code is only good for two weeks!!  Til August 4th.

If you’re feeling like you need a major “look” overhaul, Loriann is now styling!  With over 15 years in the fashion industry, Loriann has an effortless and educated flair for creating ensembles.  She pushed us to new fashion limits while keeping us in our comfort zone.  Closet consultations start at $299 and if you make a purchase of $750 or more, than the consult is free!

Happy shopping and styling!  xox