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1. Jill!  You are a mother of THREE 😉 a bestselling author and soon to be a TV star with your new show, “Odd Mom Out.”  Can you tell us a bit about the show?
ODD MOM OUT is Bravo’s first scripted comedy! It’s about NYC’s upper east side stay-at-home mom scene with exercise, juice-fast addicted yummy mummies who have huge staffs to look after their kids as they troll the benefit circuit. I play the outlier- the title role in a sea of perfect, preened blondes. It’s about keeping up, but instead of the Joneses, it’s with the Rockefellers. And ultimately, about being yourself.
2. What was the process of getting this show on the air?  The biggest hurdle you cleared to make it happen?
It was a huge, loooooooong process. The abridged version is that I clicked right away with Andy Cohen and Lara Spotts. She became my mentor at the network and we really developed the show together and it grew from there. I feel like I’m having a baby- though it’s more like an elephant pregnancy of a year and a half. I’m so excited I could explode. I’m just STRESSED! We need a hearty following to keep going and get a second season so am praying your Cali posses tune in!
3. I am not a TV star nor best selling author, yet I find myself working really hard to create balance and time as a mother, a businesswoman, a wife, a friend and just time for me!  How do you find your balance?  Do you have a set schedule every week?  Does it tend to change?  A nanny you love?  Help from family?  Friends?  
It’s hard as fu*k. My husband, Harry, happens to be away this week so I’m doing different girls groups catch-up nights since I’ve been living under a rock. My parents are raising my kids with me and Harry is super hands-on so I’m hashtag blessed as fu*k. I’d be in a mental asylum otherwise. Oh and I have a full time housekeeper now since I can’t iron for sh*t and am the biggest slob ever despite my sometimes put together exterior. I’m just doing the best I can and not trying to be a perfect mother, just a surviving mother.
4. What do you do just for you each week?
5. What’s your best vacation you’ve ever been on with the kids?  Where did you stay?  What did you do?
We just got back from Scotland which was pretty amazing. We threw a dart at a map. It rocked. The kids were animals on our road trips to the highlands but relished the cities and learned so much. I am not wired to rot on a beach, I die of boredom. We ski or visit foreign cities.
6. Your best vacation without the kids?
Harry and I had the best honeymoon in Italy and have been back to France and London for quick trips solo, and it’s bliss. We are supremely overdue for another.
7. The hardest part about motherhood?  The best part about motherhood?
The hardest part was the early years. I was smitten with my nuggets, but I had three in four years and was drowning in my life. The fatigue clouded my sanity sometimes and I’d cry for no reason. That’s happily years behind me and now with a 12, 9, and 7 year old, there are new, different challenges, but no tantrums and crazy helpless feelings. They’re my friends now, we can learn together and go to Broadway shows and galleries and on eating adventures and it’s way more fun that bibs and baby food.
Tune into Bravo on Monday, June 8th at 10/9c for the premiere of Odd Mom Out.