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Scorpio is the eagle. The eagle will soar above the drama where many folks are entangled – Kelley Rosano

Thank the sweet Lord and heavens above that the very long and overly intense Mercury retrograde (that began October 8th) is almost over as of last night with a partial solar eclipse and a new moon in Scorpio.  Mercury retrograde scrambles communication, causes breakdowns and delays and is generally a frustrating and draining time for a lot of us.  Mercury goes direct (comes out of retrograde) on Sunday, the 25th and today and tomorrow are fertile days to get clear on what you want to accomplish after Sunday when Mars, the planet of action becomes a player in our stars.  To read more about what has been and what will be based on the heavens, check out some of our favorite astrological sites: The Power Path, Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone, and Mystic Mamma.

From Kelley Rosano via Mystic Mamma:

This eclipse could expand your creativity. You could see solutions to long range problems. There is a synchronicity to this dynamic. You could be in the right place at the right time. Doors open up for you. Pay attention to your dreams. They could reveal important information for you. Listen to your intuition. It is strong now. The mind can fool you. Your intuition, your gut instincts will never fail you. The body is the messenger. What is your body telling you?

Harness this powerful energy, look where you want to go and marvel at how delightful the journey there is!

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