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We had a dazzling and educational time with a group of amazing women a few weeks ago for an afternoon of astrology!  Danielle Beinstein, an astrologer with a psychological slant, and Rose Theodora, a color astrologer, led our group in two illuminating workshops.  There is much more to astrology than just “your sign!”  Who knew?  Now, we do.  We learned about houses and planets and true nodes and moons. After reviewing the fundamentals with Danielle, Rose advised us on our best individual colors based on our unique charts. We know know what colors we should wear and surround ourselves with to feel more love, be better received in the world, and use in our homes.

While wrapping our heads around our new found wisdom (“I should wear peach?!  What?  Are you sure?”), we sipped Promise rose, very appropriately named The Joy, because it is.  Mediterranean themed appetizers (in the right colors!) were delicious and catered by chef Idalia Rodriguez of Melting Pot LA (Yunnie Morena (310)780-0192  Is there anything more fun than astrology, wine, good food and an incredible group of women?!  Nope.

Mark your calendars for the afternoon of August 1st in Venice as we’re having another event all about Intuitive Glow with skincare guru Mally Steves and intuitive Jill Willard who has been featured on goop!