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Nothing like stealing away to Nantucket for a couple of days with one of my best friends.  What made it even better is that we were there for 4 nights before the island was completely overwhelmed with 4th of July madness. It was perfect. We loved our adorable little Airbnb on Union Street –  just a 5 minute walk to Main Street and the shops and restaurants of town. We rented our bikes from Young’s and biking to different beaches everyday helped us justify our daily trips to the Juice Bar for amazing homemade ice cream and indulging in the incredible baked goods all over Nantucket.


There are so many stunning beaches to choose from on Nantucket. We made it to a different beach each day including  Cisco, Madaket (definitely the longest ride from town), and Ladies Beach.  Cisco Brewers is the perfect late afternoon stop off for a drink and a little live music after a day at the beach!

Eating and Drinking:

There is no shortage of charming and delicious dining options on Nantucket!  Proprietors is a favorite from the cocktails, to the food, to the decor, everything is dialed in.  Each dish we had, tuna crudo, seared broccoli in Thai red curry, zucchini hummus was better than the last.  For intimately chic and saltwater sexy, right on the wharf, dining CRU is the spot.  With sails tastefully draped on the ceiling, hardwood floors, and nautical glass light fixtures, CRU nails the casual coastal-with just the right amount of sophistication ambiance.  The oysters lived up to the hype and the lobster roll was as amazing as it should have been for $38! Couldn’t resist dinner on our last night at the Straight Wharf which has been near and dear to me for years. On the water’s edge, the Straight Wharf is classic, maritime romantic dining at it’s best! Don’t miss a Goombay Smash cocktail on the more boisterous bar side…the cause of me and Mary swinging from the rafters in our 20s.

Black Eyed Susan’s hits it out of the park for breakfast! Sit at the counter so you can see the magic being created.  Spicy Thai scramble with cheese grits, Portuguese French Toast – absurd!

For the most insane sandwiches: Something Natural, Fresh, Provisions! AND for the best coffee cake muffin I have ever had, head to Petticoat Row Bakery.

You really can’t go wrong with anything on Nantucket!