new moon

Today there is a new moon in Virgo which supports reapproaching what we have put on hold with fresh energy and commitment. It is the perfect moment to examine our old habits and consciously let go of what hasn’t been working, so that we can allow new openings for what we truly desire…

So this week, and today especially:

1.  Identify what is ending and let it go

2.  Look for new openings and beginnings

3.  Focus on replenishing and being good to yourself

Our retreat in Aspen is very much inline with the energy of this Virgo New Moon as we will be bringing awareness to our patterns and boundaries within relationships, so we can clear what no longer serves us, heal the old habits in ourselves, and create space for all we want to bring in!  Sign up by the end of this week before prices go up!!  See you in Aspen.

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