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Don’t miss the collaborative environmental and photographic exhibit that opened this weekend and will be on display at eARTHWe Gallery at Bergamot Station until May 3rd. NO ES BASURA is the brainchild of Environmentalist and Educator Peter Kreitler (my friend Laura’s father), who walked the same stretch of beach in Santa Monica, 1,250 linear feet to be exact, for ninety days collecting trash. He collected everything from flip flops and styrofoam cups, to a cameras and an unopened message in a bottle. He sorted his findings into over 75 categories and was struck by the fact that every object he collected originated with a useful purpose and ended up discarded in the ocean or washed up on the beach due to human thoughtlessness. Motivated to call attention to the danger of pollution, he enlisted the help of photographer John Reif Williams, (the man who had photographed his wedding over 30 year ago!!), to transform “trash” into art with an important message.

The two have created something beautiful, yet unsettling, that serves as a reminder to each of us that “every action we take and every decision we make has an environmental consequence.” Just in time for Earth Day!

The space itself, eARTHWe Gallery, is in line with the message of awareness and inspiring positive change. Their events bring together creativity, innovative culture and audiences. AND a large portion of the sales are donated to non-profits that carry out the work of the messages put forth.

Bergamot Station Arts Center

eARTHWe Gallery D5

2525 Michigan Ave

Santa Monica, CA 90404