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As I was waiting for my highlights to cook the other day, I flipped through the latest Vogue magazine (delightful time to myself to read a magazine, so appreciate that time even more with my little man in my life!!).  After thinking for the millionth time that Blake Lively is one of the prettiest girls ever with the best hair, I read about how she is launching a new site – Preserve– all about showcasing small designers and craftspeople in America.  She also shares inspiration for wellness, hostessing, decorating, style, culture and giving back through her philanthropic partner Covenant House.

I was excited to check Preserve out, but when I searched for it on Google, a whole slew of mostly hater articles popped up.  The one that caught my eye and I couldn’t help but read was, “Why Everybody Hates Blake Lively’s New Website.” gets under the reason why we hate, and turns out (surprise!) it is all tangled up with the hater:

Psychologically speaking, envy is dangerously connected to low self-esteem; knocking those we envy down is a mechanism to protect ourselves from debilitating feelings of comparative inadequacy,  “Fearing any eruption of inadequacy or disappointment in your self can motivate you to protect yourself by diminishing the importance of the envied other by devaluing them. You are engaged in devaluing when you have belittling thoughts about another person, such as petty criticisms.” (Clinical Psychologist Mary C. Lamia, Psychology Today) 

Despite wishing I had Blake’s long legs and absurd hair, as well as her unbridled success and seemingly charmed life, I am excited to read about her fashionable finds (hoping she will continue to feature accessibly priced options like the Triangle Druzy Stud Earrings for $30).

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