• Firestone Sisters, The First
  • Firestone Sisters, The First
  • Firestone Sisters, The First

The First


The First is not simply a fragrance that one wears. Rather, it is a sensory journey where memory springs from each note and reveals a story.

Created by founders, Mary and Lucy Firestone, The First is a reminder that fragrance can awaken the spirit, stir the soul, and help women tap into their inner guide thereby living life to the fullest.

Combining Mary’s academic background in psychology, with Lucy’s film background in historical storytelling, the Firestone sisters have created a powerful layered experience that stands to change fragrance from something that one simply applies to their skin, to something that allows one’s spirit to breathe. Mary and Lucy have meticulously curated an intimate and autobiographical olfactory experience; they have bottled salient moments from their own journey with the pure intention of helping other women embark on their own.

Volume: 1 oz (30 ml)


Product Description

A clean, velvety, musk perfume with subtle herbaceous notes of French lavender, black peppercorn, and juniper berry. The First is an aromatic compilation of lifting and grounding notes anchored in treasured memories and experiences. With fresh grapefruit and kumquat that brighten heart notes of linden blossom and botanical honeysuckle. The fragrance gently softens to a grounding wood base of Australian sandalwood with a hint of creamy coconut. As each ingredient was chosen for its homeopathic benefits, The First connects us to ourselves, striking an emotional “chord” with every woman that wears it.