Stephanie Johnson is a designer who knows a thing or two about travel– after all her namesake company Stephanie Johnson is a leader in the stylish, durable and practical travel toiletry and cosmetics bag arena!  Our Stephanie Johnson bags need their own passports at this point.  Check out her latest venture SJ’s Style Compass, a blog devoted to her travels…  right up our alley!

Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie in Tel Aviv

1. We love your pouches!  Have been carrying our Mumbai pink and green ones to hold essentials at the beach, as well as out on the town at night.  Where did you pull your inspiration from?  Were they indeed inspired by Mumbai?

Stephanie Johnson Mumbai

Stephanie Johnson $30-$35

Yes! I love those Mumbai pouches too. I’ve been rotating black, turquoise and pink large pouches with a detachable wristlet. When I travel I love packing them with larger jewelry, like my favorite cuff of the moment, or power cords for the iPhone and Blackberry. I drew my inspiration from India and Bollywood. I’ve never been (India is on my Top Ten “To Visit” list), but I love the way the women dress there, just layers and wraps of bright colored silks with stacks of gold bracelets. Gorgeous!


2. What are three items you never leave home without?

My iPhone 4 and Blackberry are always with me and an SJ mini pouch filled with the essentials.

Stephanie Johnson

SJ mini pouch $30

3. Where is your favorite place in the world for style?

Cliche I know, but you can’t beat Paris for a style infusion. The women there are completely effortless in their style. Who doesn’t love Charlotte Gainsbourg or Catherine Deneuve?

Catherine Deneuve

clockwise from top left: Charlotte Gainsbourg, the Eiffel Tower, Catherine Deneuve

4. Any thoughts on chic spots to stay, eat and shop that won’t break the bank?



I like heading south of the border when I want cheap and chic. Tulum, Mexico is a great option for perfect beach shacks on white sand beaches and plenty of great spots to eat. I love Latin America, and Cartagena, Colombia is another great option. I love that city!



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